A Streamlined League: Mgmt Docs

The following documents are useful for managing our local League and its activities.

LWV equipped for action manual:
The toolkit manual was developed to help the LWVArapahoe/Douglas League members find accurate information about national legislation and executive actions, and learn ways to act on these issues.  It provides information on how to contact elected officials, tips for effective communication, and a list of print and online informational resources. Contact Marlu Burkamp at [email protected] if you have additional questions or need more information.

LWVUS Transformation Action Steps Grid 1.8.17

LWV equipped for action manual

Appendices: ABCs of Streamlining:
A reference manual that LWV Chaffee County uses as a guide to running our League. It includes, among other topics, instructions on selecting issues to study; activity checklists; sample documents for agendas, budgets and minutes; and job descriptions for every role on the leadership team.

Tips for Voter Service Management
Good ideas to help the Voter Services Committee

LWVCC Checklist for meetings and events
A list of tasks to help members who organize meetings and events

LWV Name and Logo Guidelines from LWVUS.org
The national League (LWVUS) asks us to follow these guidelines, including color choices, so that we keep our name and logo consistent in all documents, websites, banners, publicity etc.

LWV Social Media Guidelines from LWVUS
Policies regarding web sites, Facebook, Twitter and other social media

See also: Bylaws