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Voting Methods 101 by LWV Boulder County

LWVBoulder County Voting Methods Team


Because plurality voting (the voting method most commonly used in elections across the USA) often produces results that do not accurately represent the voters’ preferences, and
Because the 2016 election has heightened interest in better voting methods locally, statewide and nationally in order to get results that more accurately represent the voters’ preferences, and
Because, while acknowledging that there is no perfect method of voting, there is agreement among voting methods experts that there are alternative methods of voting (e.g., rank choice, approval, score) that, compared to plurality, more accurately represent the voters’ preferences, improve the election experience, and encourage honest voting rather than tactical voting, and
Because improving the election experience can help the LWV reach its Making Democracy Work® goals of engaging more voters in the election process and increasing fairness in and accessibility to the democratic process, and Because the LWV of Colorado and LWVUS do not have a position on voting methods, therefore
The LWV of Boulder County offers the following position statement for local league consideration and seeks their vote of concurrence at the 2017 May Convention of the League of Women Voters of Colorado:


The League supports authorizing and implementing alternatives to plurality voting that allow people to express their preferences more effectively. The League supports gaining on-the-ground experience with alternative voting methods in order to ascertain whether a voting method results in outcomes that match voters’ preferences as recorded on their ballots. The League supports voting methods that improve the election experience, that encourage honest voting rather than tactical voting, and that consider ease of implementation.

• Some voting methods are intended for single-winner elections, others for multi- winner elections. It is important that the intended use of a voting method match its actual application. Multi-winner voting methods can promote proportional representation which fosters diversity of our elected officials.
• Election officials should conduct post-election analysis to evaluate the voters’ usage of the voting method and the election’s reflection of voters’ stated preferences. There should be sufficient data transparency–for example, access to ballot records in anonymous form–for an independent analysis to be conducted by other interested groups.

HRRMC Candidate Forum

On April 11, 2016 The LWVCC hosted a Candidate Forum for the Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center Board. 7:00 Salida City Chambers, Touber Building, 448 East First Street, Salida. There are three candidates:  Jeff Post, Jean Moltz, Dennis Geise, running for two open seats.

Election May 3 , 7:00 AM to 7:00PM. Location: Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, 1000 Rush Drive, Salida, CO

Poncha Springs Town Trustee Candidate Forum

Poncha Springs residents had the opportunity to hear the five candidates running for the four at-large seats. Candidates participating are Tina Perri-Mundy, J.D. Longwell, Dean Edwards, Darryl Wilson, and Rebecca Massey. The four candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be seated on the town board. Mayoral candidate Ralph Ben Scanga is running unopposed.

Candidate Forum – Buena Vista School District

The League of Women Voters Chaffee County hosted an Oct. 14, 2015 forum for candidates for the Buena Vista school district.
LWVCC’s goal is to provide opportunities for voters to learn about the issues, listen to and meet candidates running for public office.

The forum has two parts. At 7 p.m., school board candidates will make statements and answer questions. At 8, the voters will have the opportunity to meet informally with all candidates.
Buena Vista School Board candidates Norm Nyberg and Nancy Best from District C; at-large candidates Judy Lynn, Lindsey Tanner, Suzette Hachmann and Tracy Storms have all accepted invitations to participate beginning at 7 p.m. Voters will elect one candidate from District C, one from District A and two at-large candidates.
District A candidate Kevin Osborne is unable to attend, meaning that his opponent, Erin Flavin, who did accept, will not be taking questions due to LWV’s non-partisan policy. This policy states that there must be at least two candidates per office participating in the moderated forum.
Osborne may have a representative read an introductory statement.
The Oct. 14 forum will take place in the Pinion Room of the Buena Vista Community Center, 715 E. Main St.

Candidate Forum – Mayors & School Board in Salida

The League of Women Voters of Chaffee County, Colorado hosted a public forum for candidates in the Nov. 3 election Monday in city council chambers on 10-12-15.

District 2 Salida school board candidates Terry McCorkindale and Joel McBride and mayoral candidates Jim LiVecchi and Forrest Whitman spoke to an audience of 66 community members.

The public wrote questions that were screened by the league to ensure none posed “public attacks” or repeated other questions. All candidates were given 1 minute for open and closing statements along with a rebuttal.

Mayoral candidates Jim LiVecchi and Forrest Whitman made their opening statements, faced questions and gave their closing statements.

Video of 2A Forum

On Thursday, March 5th, 2015 the League of Women Voters of Chaffee County hosted a public forum on the two 2A initiatives in the March 24 special election at Salida City Council chambers.

Both initiatives seek to change the use and allocation of existing city sales tax revenues to put more funding into capital projects. Both initiatives amend the 2A ballot measure approved by voters in 2008, which provided a 1-percent sales tax increase to be “used for funding construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of roads and other public infrastructure of the city.”

The league’s forum moderator, Melissa Smith, guided proponents of both initiatives; Shawn Gillis, Bob Grether, Jim Miller, Jeff Auxier, Billy Carlisle, and Monica Griesenbeck; to present their views and answer questions from the audience.

The proposed council work session version would set aside 35 percent of the city’s total sales tax revenue for capital. A minimum $1 million or 60 percent would go to streets, alleys and sidewalks.

The proposed Carlisle/Farney initiative would allocate 75 percent of the 2A funds (the 1 percent sales tax increase approved in 2008) “to replace, repair or improve streets and the water or sewer lines underlying or running along those streets, and to replace, repair, improve or newly install or construct sidewalks, street curbs, gutters, or storm drainage systems underlying or running along those streets.”

The special election on the initiatives will take place on March 24 and will be by mail in ballots only. Ballots will mail to voters March 2-9. Only registered voters living within the city limits of Salida are eligible to vote.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government and works to increase understanding of major public policy issues.

Mountain Mail article on the forum.

Video of BV Trustees Forum

This video is in production. The DVD is available at the Buena Vista Library. Please check back to view the Buena Vista Trustees Forum held March 20th, 2014.


FORUM October 2013

Non-partisan forum in which the candidates for School Board presented statements and answered questions from the audience. Presented by League of Women Voters in Buena Vista, Colorado on 10-9-13.

Note: At both October 2013 forums, LWVCC distributed pamphlets on two state ballot issues:

  • Marijuana sales and excise tax
  • Income tax for funding education

The League really appreciates all forum volunteers–greeters, timers, readers, etc., and especially coordinator Scott Hartman and moderator Jacqueline Sobczek.

Salida City Council Candidates Forum

October 2013

Salida City Council candidates prepare to answer questions from the audience during the League of Women Voters Meet the Candidates forum Wednesday evening, October 2, 2013.

Ward 1 candidate Linda Kitson did not attend the meeting; therefore, her Ward 1 opponent Hal Brown was unable to participate in the question and answer session, per the league’s bylaws. Shown from left are mayoral candidates Jim Dickson and Billy Carlise, Ward 3 candidate Don Stephens, moderator Jacki Sobczak, Ward 3 candidate Melodee Hallett and Ward 2 candidates Georgia McNabb and Eileen Rogers. Read Mountain Mail article.

Forum for Hospital Board Term Limits

On Wednesday, April 17th from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM at the Salida Community Center the audience listened to both sides of the issue proposed by the Hospital Board of Directors to eliminate term limits for the members of the Board of Directors  & asked questions. Dan Downing, President, Hospital Board of Directors, spoke in support of eliminating term limits. Merrell Bergin, Healthcare Software Applications Consultant, spoke on the merits of maintaining term limits. This DVD is also available at the local libraries.

The hospital (HRRMC) will conduct the election on May 7, 2013.