Commissioners Provide Update on County Issues

At the Monday, January 13th League meeting, which was open to the public, Commissioners Dennis Giese, Frank Holman, and Dave Potts discussed current issues, such as…

•  Results of the public hearing on the Land Use Code, scheduled for January 7

•  Status of the Hill Ranch restoration

•  What role the commissioners play in the CDOT restructuring of Hwy 24 through BV and of Hwy 50 through Poncha Springs and Salida

•  Reasons for banning—until after December 2014—the submission, acceptance, or processing of applications and the licensing of recreational marijuana businesses

•  How the county is involved in Brown’s Canyon

•  Sharing the costs of emergency services among the municipalities, the commissioners’ role in making decisions about the service, and whether the hospital is taking over ambulance service.

Link to Chaffee County web site for commissioner information. 

Link to agendas and minutes for commissioner meetings, documents which are on the County Clerk’s web site. Click on the tab in the upper left corner: “Clerk to the Board.”