Colorado Secretary of State Election Information

Primary Election: June 26, 2018
General Election: November 6, 2018

2018 State Election Candidates

Chaffee County Election Information

Voting Information Lookup

Regular Municipal Elections
Buena Vista: First Tuesday in April, even-numbered year.
Poncha Springs: First Tuesday in April, even-numbered year.
Salida: First Tuesday in November, odd-numbered years.

Political Party Precinct Caucuses: Precinct caucuses are held on the first Tuesday in March. In a presidential election year, each major political party will conduct its precinct caucus on the first Saturday following the presidential primary election.

Primary Elections
Second Tuesday in August of even-numbered years to select party nominees for General Election.

Special District Election
Established fire protection, hospital and sanitation districts hold elections the Tuesday after the first Monday in May of even-numbered years. (05-09-16)

General Election
First Tuesday after first Monday in November in even-numbered years for national, state and county officials, tax measures, Constitutional amendments, state ballot issues.

Odd Year Elections
First Tuesday in November of odd numbered years for tax measures, state ballot issues, school board & Salida municipal elections.

Special Elections
Held any Tuesday to fill a vacancy in an unexpired term in Congress.

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