Election Calendar 2016

Visit Colorado Secretary of State site for election details. 


Regular Municipal Elections
Buena Vista: First Tuesday in April, even-numbered year. (04-04-16)
Poncha Springs: First Tuesday in April, even-numbered year. (04-04-16)
Salida: First Tuesday in November, odd-numbered years. (11-07-17)Political Party Precinct Caucuses

Second Tuesday in April of even numbered years to select Precinct Delegates to County Assemblies. (04-12-16)

Primary Elections
Second Tuesday in August of even-numbered years to select party nominees for General Election. (08-09-16)

Special District Elections

Established fire protection, hospital and sanitation districts hold elections the Tuesday after the first Monday in May of even-numbered years. (05-09-16)

General Election
First Tuesday after first Monday in November in even-numbered years for national, state and county officials, tax measures, Constitutional amendments, state ballot issues. (11-08-16)

Odd Year Elections
First Tuesday in November of odd numbered years for tax measures, state ballot issues, school board & Salida municipal elections. (11-07-2017)

Special Elections
Held any Tuesday to fill a vacancy in an unexpired term in Congress.

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