The role of education in the League is to provide citizens with nonpartisan information that does not advocate or take positions on issues. It informs citizens about current issues so that they can make educated voting decisions. The League’s voter services should be a source of accurate nonpartisan information on governmental issues and elections, and a source of pro / con information on ballot issues. The League uses media, Internet, publications, and the speakers-bureau to educate the public.

The role of advocacy in the League is to support or oppose issues based on positions the League has taken after extensive study, discussion, and consensus. For more information about these issues, see  League Positions.

If the  LWV of Chaffee County  decides to support or oppose current issues, the League must be in compliance with positions taken by the U.S. and Colorado leagues.

Can a League advocate on a high profile election issue and remain nonpartisan? Yes, but it is essential that members who are visible in an advocacy campaign should not be involved in education activities (e.g. voter services chairman). When in the public arena, members always keep education and advocacy hats separate. Voter services information may not describe League positions, and may not advocate for or against specific legislation or ballot issues, especially at community wide meetings.

Avoiding any confusion on the separation of advocacy and education is a difficult task.  It is necessary to continually remind League members and the public that we wear two hats.