LWVCO Goal II 2017-2018

LWVCO Program Book 2017-2019

LWVCO and local Leagues conduct a campaign to “Make Democracy Work In Colorado.”

A. Promoting Voter Service

Voter Mobilization

Register high school and community college students. (local Leagues)
Register voters in underserved communities. (local Leagues)
Register those re-entering from institutions such as the penal system and/or the behavioral health system. (local Leagues)
Conduct voter registration at naturalization ceremonies (LWV Colorado)

Voter Protection

Monitor voting patterns in Colorado to detect any forms of voter suppression. (LWV Colorado)
Join Election and Protection organizations. (LWV Colorado)
Contact local election officials for information on any voting irregularities. (local Leagues)

B. Educate and Advocate (local Leagues)

Hold public meetings to inform on the LWVUS Money in Politics Position.

C. Advocate (LWV Colorado)
Introduce and support a bill in the Colorado General Assembly with coalition Conversion partners for voter registration whenever a citizen interfaces with a government agency.

D. Educate and Advocate (LWV Colorado and local Leagues)

Colorado joins the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

E. Advocate for Redistricting (LWV Colorado)

Advocate for a redistricting proposal being put forth that would create a redistricting commission to draw district lines for congressional seats similar to the commission in Colorado that draws district lines for members of the state legislature.