Proposed Land Use Code for Chaffee County

At our June 10 meeting, Don Reimer, Development Director for Chaffee County, discussed the impact of the proposed Land Use Code, the first major change to the code since 2000. Because some specifications in the code have been controversial, the program allowed time for questions and discussion. Alan Robinson moderated the discussion.

League members submitted questions to Reimer in advance, covering a variety concerns such as the main differences between the proposed code and the one offered by the citizens’ groups and why industrial zones allow everything from residences to chemical plants.

For background information about the proposed land use code, which includes the draft code and a short PowerPoint presentation, go to the Chaffee County web site

“Land use is one of those fields where everyone has an opinion; it’s something that citizens encounter every day as they drive about and see housing, new office developments, shopping centers and they have an opinion about what looks good and what doesn’t work.”

Tom Ragonetti, president of the Rocky Mountain Land Institute